Search Strategies

Each talent acquisition challenge requires a combination of several recruitment solutions.

Profile Mapping Research Process (market research)

Identification of candidates with a specific profile within a given market.  Regardless of whether the recruitment is conducted exclusively by Optimaes we can carry out an assessment of who are the most outstanding specialist profiles of the market, current salary range and possible motivation to change.

Direct Search

Filtering specific profiles through direct contact, one by one and interviewing them to find out more about their specific experience and motivations towards change and the opportunity.

Pro-active candidate Search

Filtering candidate proactive motivation towards an opportunity through direct search or advertised job posting.

Departmental Charts Study

Study of the departmental charts for a particular company that is a target company by our client. The objective is to identify the structure of at least three functional levels of the department, analyze the profiles and make decisions about which are of interest to the client. This studies reveal not just the structure but a enormous amount of information on the teams success or failure to achieve goals, key players, how the companies motivate & remunerate  the teams’ success, etc..

Candidates Clients


  • Initial interview with the customer to take requirements.
  • Company Analysis, structure, culture, and function definition.
  • Analysis and determination of the value proposition.
  • Comparison of the proposal with market. proactivity/reactivity of candidates.
  • Search strategy Design.

1 week from the start

  • Study target companies and its key profiles.
  • Mapping development of Key profiles
  • Analysis of candidatures that are interested / fit the criteria
  • Analysis of the target candidate’s feedback on the customer’s proposal
  • Customer Feedback on the impact of their value proposition on the target market

2 weeks

  • Personal Interview
  • Conducting technical questionnaires
  • Personal aptitude Test (optional)
  • Elaboration of personal Report

Candidacies presentation in 3 weeks

  • Presentation of selected candidates
  • Customer Interview Management
  • Monitoring Feedback Interviews
  • Negotiating with candidates
  • Offer submission to the candidate
  • End of process
  • Offer submission to the candidate.
  • Verification of references.
  • Negotiation management with candidate.
  • Acceptance of the Offer
  • End of process

At the beginning of every  process  we take the time to understand all of its variables. We take our time to “go slowly” valuing both the challenge and the opportunity itself to have a good understanding of the value of the professional opportunity.

Once we have valued the opportunity, we carry out a study of the target market and a communication strategy with our network to share the project with those that we consider the most suitable.  We believe in exquisite treatment, in an intelligent, ethical, dynamic and highly personalized work.

The final negotiation is always the most delicate but if a good valuation of the opportunity has been made and a market study that is adapted to that valuation, there should be no problem in making a proposal of value that supposes an opportunity Interesting for the candidate.


The growing demand for Consulting and Outsourcing Services  has resulted in an important Professional category that shares specialties from other businesses but has its own professional profile.

The profiles focused on working in companies related to outsourcing, business process outsourcing, require a dynamism and a very particular team work culture to be able to overcome a selection process. Our clients in this field are international strategic consultants, business consultants and consultants specializing in smaller business processes.

The consulting profiles are going to move in a hyper dynamic environment, have great skills of analysis and a great ability to understand the ambiguity.

There are currently no vacancies.

The constant pressure on the continuous improvement, the technological innovation and the concentration of companies make this sector an important claimant of highly specialized, competitive and very focused profiles to the constant analysis of KPIs.

Our customers are Automotive industrial plants, production plants of all kinds as well as generators/distributors of electric energy or linked to Solar/wind energy . We work at the national and international level, management profiles with a high degree of self-knowledge, leadership, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and high teamwork skills. For production-linked profiles we specifically seek to know their degree of knowledge and management of their “Key Performance indicators” and how these impact on the business unit.

There are currently no vacancies.

The Food and consumer goods sector will experience deeper  changes in the next decade than it has already suffered in the last 40 years. According to estimates from Digital Market Outlook of statist, in Spain online turnover in food and consumer goods in the year 2022 will be 24.5 billion, ie 58% more than at present.

There are currently no vacancies.

The Technological/Digital Transformation  is perhaps the keyword that most shows the fury of the third industrial revolution and its impact on business. We live in an increasingly connected world; Technologies have changed the way we relate, companies have changed their business models and their processes to be at the forefront of digitization.

Our clients are internet-linked businesses, e-commerce, software solutions and it consultancy that implements cloud computing solutions, Big Data & Analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of things and cybersecurity.

There are currently no vacancies.

Technological transformation is key to the Banking and insurance industry.  To remain competitive in a digital environment, with the emergence of a new type of consumer that increasingly demands an immediate and interactive online relationship is becoming more and more important.

Our customers demand US executive profiles with high knowledge of products and markets.


There are currently no vacancies.

The aging of the population, technological innovation and the arrival of competitors outside the traditional healthcare industry (most of them from the technology sector) are setting the pace of the sector’s transformation.

We select professionals covering the entire life cycle of a Pharmaceutical, medical or biotechnology product:

  • Clinical Trial and product development
  • Definition of commercial and marketing strategy
  • Medical and Regulatory Affairs
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Production and quality
  • Pharmacovigilance