Customers with more than 5 years with us


Closed searches withing the third week of search


Successfully closed searches


Very satisfied clients after working with us

Recruitment partners: Identifying key talent, building a talent pool and working under pressure to meet deadlines.


We are a highly competitive senior recruitmen team  focused on  results and deadlines. Our business model, attitude and contractual terms are focused on obtaining results, helping us to be a truly value-oriented firm.


Our strategy is to deepen as much as possible in every detail of the search. We strive to maintain the highest levels of quality in our process.


We love to be able to positively impact both on our clients business  and our candidates professional development.

Permanent collaboration

We invest in our clients. Our fees are adapted to a continuous and sustainable relationship in time, so that we do not seek a punctual relationship but a permanent collaboration.


Professional ethics in a selection service is a decisive aspect in order to obtain the confidence of our clients and candidates. Our team works with the utmost integrity, full transparency in our processes and off-limits policy and total confidentiality for our clients, candidates and information sources.