Talent Acquisition & Development Manager

  • Retail - Gran consumo
  • Madrid

World leader in Luxury goods and High quality products, for its Perfume & Cosmetic Division in Spain,


Our client is a world leader in Luxury goods and High quality products, for its Perfume & Cosmetic Division in Spain, we are looking for a Talent Acquisition & Development Manager that brings experience in Multinational and a multibrand retail & Wholesales business, a very high level of English language (or French) and with a consolidated track record as an strategic leader in designing and implementing both Recruitment, development and Training projects & programs. Based in Madrid.

Reporting to the HR Director, the talent manager’s mission will be to lead the areas of Talent acquisition (internal & external), Employer Branding, Talent development projects, mobility, training  and internal communication, securing and coordinating the policies established by the HR Directorate at the level of the Perfumes & Cosmetics (P&C) Division.




  • Design and development of P&C’s Employer Branding strategy
  • Coordinates and ensures that the HRBP of each brand carries out the execution of the Employer Branding of each Brand
  • Ensuring the candidate’s proper employer experience.
  • Coordinate and ensure compliance with integration policies, procedures and plans



  • Design and development of P&C’s internal & external recruitment protocols & criterias.
  • Coordinate and ensure that HRBPs implement the recruitment requirements & standards of each brand.
  • Identify & supervise the correct recruitment strategy , resources and suppliers according to the standards and policies of the P&C Division and each of its Brands.



  • Ensure and coordinate the implementation of the internal policies of Performance Career Reviews (PCR) and Organizational Management Reviews (OMR).
  • Consolidation of P&C PCRs and OMR.
  • Establish action and follow-up plans to ensure talent management once PCRs and OMR
  • Coordinate INTERNAL Mobility:
  • Through key position development interviews and Key Contributors
  • Through events, actions, breakfasts, Open days, networking and explanation of visibility policies



  • Detection of needs, analysis and elaboration of CATALOGUES and training contents with the Directors General and HRBPs of each of the Brands.
  • Efficient Management of the Budget assigned for training with the help of each of the HRBP team.
  • Management & control of the Public Training Grant (Forcem) for the P&C Division and coordination with HRBP´s to ensure the proper allocation in the Brands.
  • Management and selection of suppliers (Training Consultants and identify the locations to deliver training )
  • Analysis, monitoring and feedback of the results of the training actions. (with relevant reports and corrective actions)


  • Ensure compliance with the Internal Communication policy as well as the values of the Group and each of the Brands.
  • Management, review and supervision of the update of the contents and  the different tools of Internal Communication.
  • Propose and always be up to date on trends and innovation related to Internal Communication.
  • Organization of all Internal Communication Company events: Christmas Dinner, Children’s Party, SSC Seminars



  • Coordination together with the HR Community HR HDR at the Group level in Spain:
  • Coordination and follow-up of meetings
  • Coordination and monitoring of Cross-Division training events
  • Coordination and monitoring Employer Branding at the Group level in Spain
  • Management of P&C Iberia RECEPTION:


  • Ensuring the correct functioning of the reception
  • Coordination of external team (6 people)



  • HRD-Report
  • International Talent Managers from allBrands. Talent manager
  • GMs and Comex from each Brand
  • Cross Department Team (HR)


  • Training: Bachelor’s degree with specialization in HR. Higher or Master courses in HR Management and Management
  • Languages: English and/or Advanced French
  • Experience: Minimum 10 years of experience in HR Development / Talent Management areas in multinational environments
  • Competences
  • Social skills,
  • Ability to influence,
  • Empathy
  • Results orientation,


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