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Nuestro cliente es un importante grupo de Lujo internacional de Perfumería y cosmética.  La dirección Financiera requiere incorporar un perfil de entre 3 y 8 años de experiencia en la gestión integral de compras indirectas para dar servicio a 8 marcas del grupo y el área de servicios compartidos en España y Portugal. Buscamos experiencia en búsqueda y homologación de proveedores, comparativa de precios, KPIs de servicio para poder dar servicio transversal a todas las marcas del grupo en España y Portugal.

Ubicación: Madrid

Departamento: Financiero

Reporta: CFO España y Director de Servicios Compartidos Corporativo

Incorporación: Inmediata

Equipo: 2 recursos administrativos (no compradores)

Idiomas: Inglés nivel alto C1



Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer the mission of the role is to implement and follow-up of purchasing procedures and strategies on main spend/suppliers to optimize the expenditure of the Perfumes & Cosmetics Division in Spain & Portugal.




Regular Purchasing tasks (as a purchaser):

On a regular basis, the Purchasing Manager will have to:

·      Meet the internal customers & Build relationships.

·      Receive their needs (specs for their projects).

·      Source and homologate new suppliers.

·      Handle biddings (book of specifications, tenders, quotations analysis, recommendation).

·      Negotiate and award business to suppliers.

·      Approve POs & Suppliers creation in the system

·      Set-up formal contracts (if any).

·      Launch and follow-up Social & Ethical audits.

·      Define suppliers mapping on key segments / Manage suppliers panel & SRM.

·      Communicate on purchasing performances on a regular basis.

·      Monitor by-passes and take appropriate actions.

·      Deploy, apply and control application of contracts made at group level (travels, computers, …).

·      Ensure project management on some designated projects.

·      Make value engineering studies on various subjects in relationship with internal customers.

·      Strictly apply rules of the bidding & purchasing procedures.

Regular Management tasks:

·       Supervise the purchasing team members if any (vision, motivation, leadership, guidance, …)

·       Define and follow quantitative and qualitative annual objectives

·       Implement and make sure to fully respect/apply the Purchasing Policy (document to be updated at least every year)

·       Report on a regular basis to SSC Purchasing Director (performances, by-passes, various purchasing initiatives and activity, suppliers’ audits, …)


The Purchasing Manager will be responsible for all spend in the organization which are manageable by Purchasing. This includes purchasing segments and/or families such as:

·       Merchandising (counters, podiums, HPP, local POSM, …).

·       Events & Seminars (events agencies, catering, accommodations, decoration, transfers, …).

·       General Expenses (office furniture and supplies, cleaning, corporate catering, mail, security…).

·       Marketing & Communication (agencies, digital, printing, promotional items, Duratrans, …).

·       Human Resources (temporary work, corporate training, recruitment, …).

·       Travels Expenses (air, hotels, travel agencies…).

·       Transportation & Logistics (freight, transportation, storage, logistic materials, …).

·       IT & Telecom.

The scope of the position will also include the management and coordination of Facility Services for the building.


Based on purchasing strategy previously defined with SSC Purchasing Director, the purchaser will have to:

·       Apply methodology, templates and tools of the SSC Purchasing organization

·       Liaise with SSC Purchasing Director on a regular basis for work follow-up and objectives

·       Communicate with other SSC team members (other countries) for benchmarking, comparing approaches, advising, …

·       Optimize the relationships with suppliers, internal customers and key support functions in the organization

·       Organize purchasing induction trainings to all newcomers in the organization to let them know about the purchasing process

Key Contacts


·       All current or potential internal customers (budget owners) within the organization

·       Support departments such as Business Controllers, Legal, Internal Controllers, IT, …


·       Suppliers



·      Strong communications skills: emotional intelligence to work with different profiles and departments (internal customers, support functions and suppliers) and to gain trust from them in order to reach full partnership and compliance to the purchasing process.

·      Sense of initiative: proactivity in actions, reactivity upon requests, autonomy and fast moving

·      Leadership and management skills.

·      Business oriented: quantitative results and KPIs measurement.

·      Change management ability to implement new processes and lead the change.

·      Analytical skills.

·      Strong skills in negotiations




MAIN STUDIES Degree in Business

Purchasing studies would be an asset but not mandatory

LANGUAGES English (Fluent C1) Spanish (Fluent C1) Others (xxx)
IT TOOLS Microsoft Office, Office 365, SAP, AX Systems.
EXPERIENCE 3 to 8 years previous purchasing experience would be highly valuable

Management Experience

Would be an advantage to have:

–        Experience in Perfumes & Cosmetics industry (or similar field)

–        Knowledge in indirect purchasing segments and families

–        Experience in CSR / Suppliers Audits (ethical, social and environmental)

–        Commercial & Business awareness




LANGUAGES               English (Fluent C1)      Spanish (Fluent C1)    French (nice to have)

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